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LP2 Introduction

LaserPecker 2 is a feature-rich, compact, and easy-to-operate desktop-level high-speed laser engraving machine that requires almost no installation. It is equipped with a 5W high-precision 450nm blue diode laser, capable of widely engraving various materials such as 304 stainless steel, Bamboo, Wood, Leather, Food, Paper, Fabric, Photosensitive printing, Plastic, and more. With a high-speed engraving capability of up to 600mm/s, it meets the demands of rapid DIY customization and continuous batch engraving. It truly achieves the function of high-speed on-the-go customization engraving.



LP2 applicable population

LP2 is compact and can be easily operated using mobile phones or computers. It can completely replace the application of large industrial engraving machines in the following scenarios, and fill the existing unmet needs: offline shop customization, personal home DIY carving, gift companies, and advertising companies.


Machine comparison

The Differences between LP2 and other machines include but are not limited to, laser type, engraving speed, and resolution.

Check out the machine comparison page below to find all the detailed information you need.



Know About The LP2



LP2 Adapted software

For mobile devices, we recommend using LaserPecker.

mobile devices


For desktop computers, we recommend using LaserPecker Design Space.

desktop computers



LaserPecker official software download address

You can download the official LaserPecker software at the following link:




LP2 Specifications

Laser System Laser Module 5w 450nm (Blue Diode Laser)
Laser Power 5W
Laser Spot 0.05*0.05mm
Wavelength 450±5nm
Engraving Speed 600mm/s
Motherboard Voltage Input 100~240V, 50~60Hz
Machine Power 60W
Software Computer OS iOS 9.0 +, Android 7.0 +, MacOS 10+, Windows 10+
Control Software APP: Laserpecker
PC: Laserpecker Design Space
Image Format APP: JPG, PNG, G-code
PC: G-code, JPG, PNG, BMP, SVG, DXF, etc.
Working Area

Conventional engraving area: 100*100mm
Metal effective engraving area: 60*60mm

100 x 2000mm (With the Electric Roller)

Electric Stand Travel 120mm
Focal Length 110mm
Specialized Incarving Materials

Lacquered metal, Anodized aluminum, 304 stainless steel, Bamboo, Wood, Leather, Food, Paper, Fabric, Photosensitive printing, Plastic, Acrylic, Tinted glass, Color glaze ceramics, etc.


Connection Method

High Speed Bluetooth 5.0 (Wireless)
USB Connection
Weight Product Weight 1.75KG
Size Product Size
(L * W * H)




It supports extended accessories such as a Versatile Electric Roller, Batch Engraving Button, Bluetooth Dongle, and Mobile power supply to realize more diverse engraving scenarios.

The Versatile Electric Roller offers three engraving modes (Cart Mode, Cylinder Mode, Flat Mode), suitable for different scenarios.

  • Cylinder Mode: Enables engraving on the curved surface of a cylinder using the Versatile Electric Roller.

  • Flat Mode: When the Versatile Electric Roller is switched to Flat Mode, it can handle extra-long flat materials, increasing the engraving/printing area.

  • Cart Mode: By connecting the LP2 exclusive expansion accessories to the Versatile Electric Roller, using a dedicated extension accessory, the third axis can move along with the LP2 for mobile engraving.

  • When the Versatile Electric Roller is set to cart mode, you can connect the LP2 host to it using exclusive expansion accessories. This allows the Versatile Electric Roller to carry the host for mobile engraving.

Learn more details on the product page:

LaserPecker 2 Versatile Electric Roller


The Batch Engraving Button is convenient for users to control the laser engraving machine to batch copy and engrave the latest engraving materials.


The Bluetooth Dongle is convenient for users to use the computer software Bluetooth to connect to the laser.


The mobile power supply is convenient for users to carry out outdoor carving operations.




LaserPecker APP has intelligent image processing and motion algorithm functions that are perfectly adapted to the model. LDS allows you to create and design your works anytime, anywhere.

Learn more on the product page:

  • When your computer is configured with the minimum configuration, you can use all functions of LDS normally. However, if you need to import complex images (pictures or SVG files larger than 1M), LDS may not run smoothly.

  • When your computer is configured with the recommended configuration, LDS can run more smoothly when importing and editing complex images, the software delay may be shorter, and the performance will be better.




Lacquered metal, Anodized aluminum, 304 stainless steel, Bamboo, Wood, Leather, Food, Paper, Fabric, Photosensitive printing, Plastic, Acrylic, Tinted glass, Color glaze ceramics, etc.



Wood/Paper/Dark Opaque Acrylic/Felt.


Machine Maintenance

If you notice that the laser power is getting weaker, like when engravings aren't as deep or materials aren't cutting as expected, it could be due to a dirty field lens. To fix this, gently clean the field lens using a non-woven cloth slightly dampened with alcohol.



After-sales service

Email us at for assistance.

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