How to Laser Engrave a Photo with LaserPecker 3?

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We will share with you the photo engraving for LaserPecker 3. You need to convert images to greyscale, adjust the brilliance and shadows of your engraved photo, and then run the laser. Thanks to Calvin, who provided us with detailed tutorials. And we hope you will have fun when you use LaserPecker 3.

1. Convert images to greyscale.

2. Adjust the brilliance and shadows & increase sharpness until key features are visible and clear.

3. Create your design to fit the shape of the object you will engrave on.

4. Open the LaserPecker APP and connect your LaserPecker 3.

5. Open your photo using the album button.

6. Select grey mode and make sure dithering is selected.

7. Invert the image using the tick box.

8. Select 4K resolution

9. Select the size to match the object you are engraving and preview the location.

10. Select next.

11. Select the engraving settings: power-100%, depth-60%, pass-1.

12. Press start.

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