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LP3 Product Introduction

LaserPecker 3 is a desktop-level high-speed laser engraving machine with rich functions, small size, simple operation, and easy installation. It is equipped with a 1W high-precision 1064 nm infrared pulse laser, which can widely engrave Metal, Plastic, Leather, and any material with paint coating. Its high-speed engraving of up to 800 mm/s can meet most of the needs of fast DIY customization and continuous batch engraving. It truly realizes the function of portable high-speed custom engraving.



LP3 applicable population

LP3 is compact and can be easily operated using mobile phones or computers. It can completely replace the application of large industrial engraving machines in the following scenarios, and fill the existing unmet needs: offline shop customization, personal home DIY carving, gift companies, and advertising companies.



Machine comparison

The differences between LP3 and other machines include but are not limited to, laser type, engraving speed, and resolution.

Check out the machine comparison page below to find all the detailed information you need.



LP3 Video Introduction



What software does LP3 need to be paired with?

Recommended use on mobile: LaserPecker community

Recommended use on desktop: LaserPecker Design Space


According to the platform and model, download and install the software. The download address is as follows:

LaserPecker download address



LP3 Main specifications

Laser System Laser Module 1w 1064nm (Fiber laser)
Machine Power ≤60W
Laser Spot 0.03*0.03mm
Wavelength 1064nm
Processing Speed 800mm/s
Motherboard Voltage Input DC (12V 5A 100-240V 50-60HZ)
Machine Power ≤60W
Software Computer OS iOS 9.0 +, Android 7.0 +, MacOS 10+, Windows 10+
Control Software APP: LaserPecker
PC: LaserPecker Design Space
Image Format APP: JPG, PNG, G-code
PC: G-code, JPG, PNG, BMP, SVG, DXF, etc.

Working Area 115mm*80mm(Oval) 65 x 65 mm(Square) 115 x 2000 mm(with the Electric Roller)
Electric Stand Travel 120mm
Focal Length 130mm
Specialized Incarving Materials Metal, Plastic, Leather, and any material with paint coating
Connection Standard Bluetooth5.0/USB
Weight Product Weight (net weight) 2.54 KG
Size Product Size
(L * W * H)
(7.6*6*10.2 inch)


How fast is LP3?

The LP3 has an engraving speed of 800mm/s. Compared to the LP2  (600mm/s) , LP3 has a large engraving speed increase.

The actual working speed varies depending on the file format, resolution, power, and depth set by the user.



What accessories can be supported?

It supports extended accessories such as Bluetooth Dongle, Batch Engraving Button, Versatile Electric Roller, and Power Bank to realize more diverse engraving scenarios.

The Bluetooth Dongle is convenient for users to use the computer software Bluetooth to connect to the laser.

The Batch engraving button is convenient for users to control the laser engraving machine to batch copy and engrave the latest engraving materials. 

The Versatile Electric Roller is convenient for users to engrave regular cylinder material and extend the engraving range.

Power Bank is convenient for users to carry out outdoor carving operations.



What suits can be purchased?

You can freely combine it with the Versatile Electric Roller and portable storage bag supported by LP3.

For more details, please visit the product purchase page below.

Product Purchase Page



What are its advantages compared to other competitors?

With a 1W high-precision 1064nm Pulsed Infrared Laser, it's suitable for engraving scenes with more materials.

Engraving speeds of up to 800mm/s.

Engraving precision of 0.01 mm.


Modularization is highly scalable, supports different extension components, and realizes the sculpting needs of different scenes.

The angle of the laser source is adjustable, and it widely supports the engraving needs of materials of various sizes.



Is it complicated to set up for engraving different materials?

Not at all, it is simple. The app comes with preset parameters for engraving different materials, allowing you to achieve excellent engraving results based on these presets.



What materials can be carved?

The materials that can be engraved are Metal, Plastic, Leather, and any material with paint coating.



How big is the engraving area?

The engraving area varies according to the shape.

Ellipse area: 115 x 80 mm.

Square area: 65 x 65 mm.

Engraving area with the Electric Roller: 115 x 2000 mm.



How to preview before sculpting

Use Mobile /PC software, you can enter the engraving preview mode by clicking the preview button. The blue frame represents the preview frame before engraving, showing the engraving area on the material. It helps users identify the orientation, size, and other information about the engraving.



How to focus?

During the engraving preview phase before the machine starts engraving, you can perform focusing. There are three methods to achieve focus: red light focusing, and manual focusing.


Red light focusing: Adjust the height of the laser by adjusting the height of the electric bracket so that the two red light spots emitted by the machine and displayed on the engraving material overlap together, to achieve successful focusing.


Manual focusing: By adjusting the electric bracket and using a ruler to measure the height of the laser field mirror to the engraving material, make it 130mm.



How long can LP3 work continuously? What is their lifetime?

LP3 can work continuously for 168 hours.

Its lifetime is 10,000 hours +.


Reaching its lifetime does not mean that it is completely unusable, but it will only attenuate the laser power. In this case, you can set higher power and/or depth to achieve the same effect as before.


If you are not satisfied with this, you can contact us through and request a laser component replacement service (the fixed price will depend on the price at the time), or you can buy another new LP3 laser unit outright.



How much does it weigh?

The net weight of the whole machine is about 2.54 kg.



Is it suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, it is suitable for outdoor use. The LP3 laser engraving machine is compact, easy to install, and convenient to carry. It supports 12V/5A DC input, allowing it to be powered by portable power sources like mobile power banks for outdoor demonstrations and creative activities.



Is it possible to carve extremely large materials?

Engraving is possible, and the LP3 bracket allows the laser to be mounted at multiple angles and even allows the machine's laser to be engraved off the engraving table below, making it easier to engrave large volumes of materials that are not suitable for placing the engraving table.



Does it support firmware upgrade?

LaserPecker community supports the online upgrade of machine firmware in the App.

Please check the following link:

Firmware upgrade



Machine maintenance

If you notice that the laser power is getting weaker, like when engravings aren't as deep or materials aren't cutting as expected, it could be due to a dirty field lens. To fix this, gently clean the field lens using a non-woven cloth slightly dampened with alcohol.



How long is the warranty period for the LP3?

We provide a one-year warranty for LP3, starting from the date of product receipt. For detailed warranty policies, please refer to:



What are the security certifications for LP3?

LP3 currently has CE, ROHS, FCC, FDA, CDRH, NCC, KC, UKCA, and TECLEC safety certifications.



After-sales service

Email us at for assistance.

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