How to Fix No Laser Emission in LaserPecker LP4 Preview/Engraving?

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When LP4 start engraving without any laser emission, you may troubleshoot by following the instructions below.

1. Check Field Lens

Make sure its lens cover has been removed. The cover is used to protect the field lens before delivery.


check field lens

2. Check Focusing

Check for correct focusing, since improper focusing may result in insufficient laser energy for engraving.

You can check for more information about LP4 Laser focusing


3. Check Laser Source

Check if the current laser wavelength is 450nm or 1064nm.


check laser source


For 450nm:

A straight blue beam will be emitted in preview mode. If you've finished step 1 and step 2, but there's still no laser output, please kindly contact LaserPecker Technical Support for advice.


For 1064nm:

The beam is invisible during engraving and suitable for engraving metals and plastics. Please make sure the material to be engraved is applicable.

If engraving still doesn't work even on applicable materials, consider increasing engraving parameters before retrying.



For wood, paper, bamboo, food, genuine leather, etc., please choose the 450nm laser:

For metals and plastics, please choose the 1064nm laser:


Need More After-Sales Technical Support?

If your problem persists despite following the mentioned steps, please contact LaserPecker Technical Support via for further advice.


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