LaserPecker LX1 Rotary Extension Installation Tutorial

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1. Rotary Extension Connection to LX1

Connect the rotary extension to LX1 according to the user manual. Plug the cable into the socket correctly (please note the shapes of the cable plug and socket).

The shapes of the plug and socket are shown below:


socket plug


Note: LX1 is only compatible with the rotary extension with USB 3.0 ports (which are in blue as shown below).

USB 3.0 ports


Plug in the cable as shown in the picture:

Plug in the cable


2. Securing Materials with Rotary Extension

  • Press the “Lock Button” (highlighted as part 1 by the red arrow in the diagram) to secure the “Rotary Head chuck”, avoiding rotation.

  • Rotate the “Chuck Gear” (highlighted as part 3 in the diagram) to adjust the grip diameter.

  • Upon securing the material, release the "Lock Button".

How to press the lock button: Align the white dot with the white arrow (highlighted as part 2 in the diagram).

Note: Once the material is secured, release the lock button to enable rotation of the rotary head chuck during preview and engraving.

release the lock button

3. Focusing

Push out the measuring ruler at the bottom of the laser module. Adjust the screw lock until the bottom of the measuring ruler touches the surface of the engraving material. Focusing is then complete, and you may retract the ruler.



4. Activating Rotary Extension in Mobile Application

Please ensure the rotary extension and LX1 are powered on before activating the rotary extension in the mobile application.

If you activate the rotary extension before powering it on, it will not work normally. Please inactivate it in the application settings, and reactivate it after the Y axis returns to its original position.


4.1 Power on and Initialization

When LX1 is powered on, its X and Y axes will return to their original positions. You can connect to LX1 via Bluetooth in the mobile application after the beep which indicates initialization is complete.

Power on and Initialization


4.2 Activate the Rotary Extension Mode

Enable the rotary extension mode in the mode settings of the mobile application, as shown below. You will then hear beeps from the machine.

mobile application Activate the Rotary Extension Mode


After enabling the rotary extension mode, the Y-axis will automatically move to the fixed position, as shown below:

the Y-axis will automatically move to the fixed position


Tips:How to check the normal operation of Rotary Extension:

Rotate the “Rotary Head chuck” with the Lock Button on the Rotary Extension released. If you feel significant resistance, then the Rotary Extension and main unit can work normally.


4.3 Place the Rotary Extension in the Correct Position

Put the rotary extension in the X-axis movement direction of the laser head. The picture below shows the correct position of the rotary extension:

Place the Rotary Extension in the Correct Position 1

Place the Rotary Extension in the Correct Position 2


5. Engraving with Rotary Extension

5.1 Creation Interface

Click “Creation” > “Material” on the Home Page of the mobile application. Choose the image to be engraved and import it. Drag to adjust its size and shape within the area indicated by the red rectangle.

Creation Interface

5.2 Before Preview

  1. Click “Preview” in the top right corner of the Creation interface.

  2. Click “Preview” in Rotary Extension Mode, and input the perimeter or diameter (in mm or inch) of the object.

Tip: Incorrect or void values of diameter/perimeter may cause engraving deformation or overlap.

Please note that millimeter or inch is the unit of length in mobile application. You can click “Settings” in the bottom toolbar of the Creation Interface and swipe left to switch from inch to millimeter.

millimeter or inch is the unit of length in mobile application Settings swipe left to switch from inch to millimeter



5.3 During Preview

During the preview in rotary extension mode, the laser head will move along the X-axis whose travel distance corresponds to the image's X-axis width in the mobile application: X: 83.92mm.

The rotary head chuck will rotate after clicking “Continue”, and the rotation path length corresponds to the image's Y-axis height: Y: 79.67mm.


Tips: Release the Lock Button before starting previewing. Otherwise, the Rotary Head chuck is unable to rotate. If the Rotary Extension doesn't work properly, please check if there is any misoperation in step 1 and 4.

During Preview 1 During Preview 2



5.4 Engraving

Set the engraving parameters after previewing the size and position of the image. Start engraving and wait for completion.


5.5 Laser Model Selection Tips

For wood, paper, bamboo, food, genuine leather, etc., please choose the 450nm laser model.

For metals and plastics, please choose the 1064nm laser model.



How to use the Rotary Extension with LX1 & LX1 Max?


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