How to Import Fonts to LaserPecker Design Space Android App

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Steps for importing fonts in the LaserPecker Design Space Android App.

Supported Font Formats on Android

LaserPecker Design Space supports the both TTF and OTF files.

TTF and OTF are common and widely used font formats, with rich font resources.

Font Importing Guide

Step 1: Go to "Text"

In the Creation interface of the LaserPecker Design Space application, click "Text" to enter the text editing interface. Edit the text and click "✓" to confirm as shown in Figure 1.

text editing


Step 2: Tap the "Import" Button

Select the inputed text to open the text editing menu bar, click "Font" in the lower left corner, tap "Import" to load your font.

Importing Font


* Alternatively, you can import your downloaded font directly into the LDS app. Just locate the font file on your device and select "Open with LaserPecker Design Space." This will successfully import the font into your LDS app.

import downloaded fonts to laserpecker


Step 3: Find & Apply the Font in LDS

You can find imported fonts by clicking "Custom" in the Font window.

Find the font


Click on the text, click "Font", and select the imported font to be applied.

Apply the Font

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