LaserPecker 4 V655 Firmware Upgrade Instruction

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V655 Firmware Upgrade Precautions

The 655 firmware version mainly improves the engraving speed. For a better user experience, we hereby remind dear LaserPecker users that before updating this firmware, please be sure to perform the following operations.


1. Save the engraving parameters you set in the APP and upgrade the APP to the latest version

All custom parameter settings saved in the APP are parameters before the speed-up version, and they will not be applicable to the 655 firmware version after the speed-up.

In order to allow the majority of users' engraving parameters to continue to be used in the new firmware after speedup, Laserpecker officially provides parameter conversion in the latest APP version. Therefore, we remind you to save all your custom parameters and upgrade the APP version you are using to the latest and lower software versions that do not have this function.

At the same time, we will also provide engraving recommendation parameters for the firmware version before V655 (before speed-up) & V655 (after speed-up) on the official website.


Recommended parameter for firmware before V655(before speed-up):


Recommended parameters for V655 firmware(after speed-up):


2. After connecting to the machine in the APP, follow the guide to upgrade the firmware

After updating the firmware to V655, the engraving speed will increase automatically without any switch settings.

The old software does not display the speed (depth) conversion of the new firmware. The conversion button will only appear if the software is updated. The three-terminal software currently performs speed (depth) conversion. New versions of software and firmware must be used together.

follow the firmware upgrade guide


3. Error demonstration

After the firmware is upgraded, depth conversion is not performed. If using the engraving parameters before speed-up, there will be problems such as that the engraving cannot be completed or the engraving is unclear caused by fast engraving speed. (Convert and apply the parameters to engrave normally)


  1. Before updating the firmware version, it is better to save the original parameter settings and then convert it to the new software version to achieve the original effect.

  2. If the depth is not converted according to the following steps, the engraving will be blurred or fail.


How to Convert LaserPecker 4 Old Parameters in APP

This firmware version is optimized only for engraving speed (depth). The corresponding parameter settings of engraving power, resolution, times, etc. are consistent with the old firmware version.

1. PC parameter conversion

  1. After selecting the pattern, set the depth in the setting area on the right

step 1 of PC parameter conversion

  1. In conversion function interface

step 2 of PC parameter conversion

  1. Enter the parameters of the old firmware, it will be converted to the depth parameters automatically of the new firmware version. For example,

step 3 of PC parameter conversion


Note: After entering the old firmware parameters, you need to click Confirm button to convert correctly.


2. APP parameter conversion

Click Preview to enter the parameter input interface to set the depth value.


android parameter conversion 1


android parameter conversion 2



ios parameter conversion 1


ios parameter conversion 2

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