LaserPecker LP4 Effective Working Area

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The LP4 utilizes advanced galvanometer laser technology. The emitted light beam is deflected and precisely directed onto the work material using a mirror. The effective engraving area is determined by various factors including the maximum trajectory of the galvanometer, the laser outlet, the focal length of the field mirrors, etc.

1. Explanation of the LP4's Work Area

The explanations below provide a visual understanding of the LP4's range and optimal working parameters

1.1 Mechanical Range of Motion

Simply put, a laser is an electrical signal that is converted into light after passing through an optical module. The LP4's galvanometer reflects and directs the laser onto the working surface at an angle and with a maximum mechanical range of motion measuring approximately 200 mm wide x 135 mm high (as seen in the elliptical shape below).

motion range

1.2 Theoretical Engraving Area

Due to structural design limitations, it is not feasible to achieve the larger mechanical range of motion (200 mm x 135 mm ellipse).

Therefore, the LP4's optimal work area was determined to be a 160 mm x 120 mm rectangle. The engraving area has the best laser engraving effect (the edges will be slightly blurry).

theoretical engraving areas

1.3 The Effective Engraving Area

The effective area supported by laser engraving is the intersection of the theoretical maximum area (200 mm x 135 mm ellipse) and the optimal rectangular area (160 mm x 120 mm).

effective engraving area


effective engraving area 2


effective engraving area 3


1.4 Diagram of Software Canvas Prompt Box

The width and height dimensions of the current software canvas prompts are as follows:

Red frame: 160 mm x 160 mm

Blue frame: 160 mm x 120 mm (rounded rectangle)

effective engraving area 4

To ensure the best engraving effect, we recommend engraving within the blue frame. The yellow area represents the effective engraving area. (Try to avoid engraving in the corners of the yellow area, as this may result in engraving failure or lighter color.).


actual engraving area 5

2. The Real-World Engraving Area Test of LaserPecker 4

The following section presents the results of the real-world engraving area test of LaserPecker 4:

2.1 Ellipse Engraving

real world test of engraving area 1


2.2 Square Engraving

real world test of engraving area 2


Max Square Area

max square area


2.3 Engraving With Rotary Extension

real world test of engraving area with rotary extension


2.4 Engraving With Slide Extension

real world test of engraving area with slide extension.jpg

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