How to Connect and Use LightBurn with LP4

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LightBurn - Software Download and Installation

Please visit to download LightBurn and follow the installation instructions. The full version of Lightburn is available for a free 30-day trial.
A user's license is required to continue using LightBurn after your free 30-day trial period has ended. After the trial period ends, you will be prompted to input a key code to continue using the software.
To purchase a license and receive a key code, go to the LightBurn Online Store and select the "GCode License Key." Ensure you only purchase the "GCode License Key," as it is the only version compatible with the LP4.
After purchasing your license, you will receive an email from LightBurn with the key code and activation instructions.
Note: The latest version of LightBurn and the GCode License Key are essential, so opting for anything else will not work. The non-full version software cannot control the LP4 machine properly.

Download and Import the LP4 Configuration Packages

After installation, open Lightburn and input your GCode License Key (after the trial period, LightBurn cannot be used without a purchased license).
Before using LightBurn with your LP4 for the first time, you will need to import the appropriate lbdev configuration file. Downloads are provided at the bottom of the article.
The first time you open LightBurn, you will be asked to import a configuration file. A popup will appear, prompting you to import the lbdev configuration file. Next, click "Import" to locate the downloaded configuration file. The button is circled in red in the image below.
After importing the downloaded configuration file, the corresponding operation interface will be generated automatically. This is the M command. After connecting the machine, click the left mouse button to control it and the right button to modify the content. The existing M commands are:
M3000: Ranging indicator light on.
M3001: Ranging indicator light off.
M3010: Select engraving laser type as 450nm.
M3011: Select engraving laser type as 1064nm.
M3020: Electric bracket raised. For example: M3020S1.00 (raise 1.00mm)
M3021: Electric bracket lowered.
M3030: Switch to laserPecker mode.
M3031: Switch slide mode.
M3032: Switch rotation mode.

Connect your computer to LP4

Quit the LaserPecker Design Space before continuing.
Connect your computer to LP4 using a USB-C to USB-A cable. Insert the USB-C end into LP4 and the USB-A end into your computer
Note: Ensure the LaserPecker Design Space APP is not connected to LP4.
The software needs to select the USB serial port to establish communication. After plugging in the USB cable, the software will recognize the COM port and select the port to start the connection.
Note: If it is not recognized or incorrectly connected, please check if the USB cable and USB socket are faulty.

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