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Below is a list of frequently asked questions about the LP4.

  • The main difference between LP2, LP3, and LP4 lies in their laser source, laser power, engraving area, and suitable material types.

    Laser Source & Power:

    • LP2 is a 5W 450nm blue laser.
    • LP3 is a 1W 1064nm infrared laser.
    • The LP4 is a dual laser with a 10W 450nm blue diode laser and a 2W 1064nm infrared laser. It combines the two laser sources of the LP2 and LP3 while doubling their power.

    Engraving Area:

    • The LP2's standard working area is 100 x 100 mm (square)
    • The LP3's standard working area is 115 x 80 mm (oval)
    • The LP4's standard working area is 160 x 120 mm (square)


    • The LP2 is suitable for engraving on paper, wood, leather, MDF, stainless steel, dark opaque acrylic, bamboo, fabric, dark glass, ceramic, jade, marble, shale, cement, brick, parts of painted metals, etc.
    • The LP3 can work on almost all metals and plastics, including gold, silver, copper, aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, platinum, acrylic, ABS, etc.
    • The LP4 can work on all the materials LP2 and LP3 can work on and more.

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  • The input power is DC (24V, 5A); AC (100-240V, 50-60HZ).
    Its output electric power is (24V, 5A) 120W.
    its output laser power is 2W (peak power 20KW) for the 1064nm infrared laser source and 10W for the 450nm blue laser source.

  • The standard working area for LP4 is 160 x 120 mm. When connected to the Slide Extension, its engraving area can be expanded to 160 x 300 mm.

  • LP4's working speed is up to 4000 mm/s. It varies depending on the file format, image resolution, and the user's selected power and depth settings.

  • The LP4's dual lasers enable it to work on a very wide range of materials.
    The 10W Blue Diode Laser is suitable to engrave organic materials including paper, wood, leather, MDF, stainless steel, bamboo, non-synthetic fabrics, dark glass, ceramic, jade, marble, shale, cement, brick, etc, as well as dark/opaque acrylic and coated or painted metals.
    The 2W Infrared Laser can engrave on or etch 0.1mm deep into almost all types of metals and plastics, including gold, silver, copper, aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, platinum, acrylic, ABS, etc.

  • The LP4's 10W 450nm Blue Diode Laser can cut paper, wood, bamboo, non-synthetic fabrics, leather, and dark opaque acrylic. It is able to cut through balsa wood up to 8 mm and dark opaque acrylic up to 5 mm in one pass.

    While the 2W 1064nm infrared laser source of LP4 can not cut through anything but only mark on suitable materials or engrave into them with less than 0.1mm depth in one pass.

  • The LDS App, LDS Software, and LightBurn are all LP4 compatible.

    For mobile APPs, please download LaserPecker Design Space in Huawei APP Gallery, Google Play Store, and Apple App Store (requires iOS 9.0+ and Android 6.0+).

    For desktop/PC software, please download the LaserPecker Design Space from the official LaserPecker website.

    See Q#8 below for LightBurn.

  • Yes, LP4 has been compatible with LightBurn. Users can access this tutorial to review the step-by-step guide for operating LightBurn with LaserPecker LP4.

  • Mobile devices connect via Bluetooth while laptops and desktop computers can connect via Bluetooth (LP Bluetooth Dongle required) or via Type-A to Type-C USB cable.

  • The 450nm Blue Diode or 1064nm Infrared Laser can be easily selected by swiping the touch screen on the laser unit or by choosing the corresponding button within the LDS App, LDS Software, or LightBurn.

  • The LP4 is designed to work with; the LaserPecker Rotary Extension, Slide Extension, LP4 Cutting Plate, LP4 Laser Protection Cover, and Desktop Air Purifier.

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  • Currently, the LP4 is only compatible with the LP2 and LP3's Versatile Electric Roller, the LP Bluetooth Dongle, and the Batch Engraving Button. Please stay tuned for future LP4 compatibility update information.

  • The LP4 can work continuously for 63 hours non-stop. The lifespan of an LP4 is 10,000 hours+. Once reaching this point, the laser will still function, but the power will start to deminsh. This can be compensated for by increasing the power and/or depth settings to achieve the desired effect the same before. If the results are unsatisfactory, you can contact us via support@laserpecker.com and request a laser replacement. The cost of this service will depend on the prices of the component, the service fee, and the shipping costs at the time.

  • We provide a one-year warranty for LP4, starting from the date the product is received.

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  • The LP4 currently has the following safety certifications; CE, ROHS, FCC, FDA, CDRH, NCC, KC, UKCA, and TECLEC.

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