How to Set up LightBurn to Use the Rotary Extension

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How to do it

1. Connect LaserPecker LP4 to Lightburn

2. Setting up for LP4

  • After connecting the machine, click the M command - M3032-rotation to switch to rotation mode.

  • Set the size of the working area. The working area needs to be reconfigured in rotation mode, open [Edit]--[Device Settings] and set the width and height to 160mm and 628mm.
  • Open [Laser Tools] -- [Rotary Setup], turn on the rotary axis, and enter either the diameter or circumference of the engraved object.


Note: To switch to Normal Mode, use the M command - M3030-Normal Mode. After the switch, reset the working area to 160mm by 120mm.

 3. Processing for Slide Mode

Now that you have finished setting up LP4 with the Rotation Mode, you can import a file or draw an engraving pattern, and start working with the Rotary Extension by clicking the "Start" button on the right panel of LightBurn.

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